Subject: From my garden in Southern California
Location: Upland, California
April 15, 2014 10:13 pm
I just found these critters on my kale in the garden! I have sprayed horticultural oil once a week for the last couple of weeks but may not have been as diligent in the kale (I am ashamed to admit now!). I am thinking these may be aphids but the color is throwing me off a bit. I guess it could be because they are attacking my green kale plants?
Thanks in advance for your reply!
Wondering in SoCal
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Dear Wondering in SoCal,
You are correct that these are Aphids.  By the looks of the young ones, they are reproducing.  You can try hitting them with the strong jet from a hose.  Kale is a sturdy plant that can take the water pressure.

Thank you!  I have made a concoction of tomato leaves and dawn dish detergent to spray, do you think I should use that?  I will also use the hose!
Brooke Meyers

That might work.  We have heard of an organic remedy that involves soaking some cigarette butts in water as the nicotine is effective in controlling some plant pests that suck fluids, like Aphids.

Yea I saw that one too but I would have to touch cigarette butts and those are as disgusting as the aphids!  🙂

Location: Upland, California

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