Subject: Found Bug
Location: Surrey, BC Canada
April 10, 2014 8:03 am
Found this bug outside @ my work in Surrey, BC Canada. Just wondering what it is.
Signature: Kelly



Hi Kelly,
Our response to you yesterday was just a quick identification that this is a Toe-Biter, and we would like to elaborate a bit now that we have a moment.  Toe-Biters or Giant Water Bugs are also called Electric Light Bugs since they are attracted to lights.  They are aquatic predators that are capable of flying from pond to pond if the habitat dries up.  The bite is reported to be quite painful, and many a wader has encountered a Giant Water Bug with painful results, hence the common name of Toe-Biter.  Because of their large size and unusual appearance, the Toe-Biter is one of our most frequent identification requests.  As a side note, Giant Water Bugs are edible and their larger Asian cousins are considered a delicacy in Thailand.



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Location: Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

3 Responses to Toe-Biter from Canada

  1. Andre Savard says:

    Hi! today the 18 Oct 2015 , in Laval , Montreal , Quebec, Canada ,
    I found a toe biter in your in-ground pool, I grab it whit a fishnet and after identifying it on the web, I put it back in the pool. My question to you is ? what should I do with it , the pool will frees up soon!. last night the temperature dropped to -3 .C ..

    • bugman says:

      If the pools does not freeze solid, the Toe-Biter should survive until the spring thaw. They are also capable of flying and they will flee the location if it becomes inhospitable.

  2. Andre Savard says:

    Thank you for your reply , Is this insect a treat our a good thing, I haven’t seen another one its seems to be alone,
    I will respect nature but not if it threaten my house pet.. Can you tell me more about the toe biter… Thanks ..

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