Subject: april lightning bug?
Location: southwest virginia
April 8, 2014 9:23 am
This looks like a lightning bug, but it’s a good inch long and the tail looks weird to me, plus it’s early April.
Signature: stephanie lane

Winter Firefly

Winter Firefly

Hi Stephanie,
We opened your letter yesterday, and we got distracted before we could respond.  Then we answered other letters.  This morning there is another request regarding Winter Fireflies,
Ellychnia corrusca, so we thought we would get to you first.  According to this BugGuide posting from Maine in early February several years ago, the Winter Firefly is:  “Commonly seen on snow and tree trunks.”  BugGuide also notes it:  “can be a pest in sap buckets in the spring.”  It is a diurnal species.

Location: Virginia

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  1. Larry Hosack says:

    I was walking on Ogunquit Beach, Maine, at low tide on a dark evening last week and as I got closer to the edge of the water, I saw two bright flashing lights “out over the water”. I thought they were lights from a buoy or lighthouse far out on the water, but as I walked along parallel to the water’s edge I saw that the blinking lights were following me about only about 25 feet away at my eye level. So I thought maybe they were small drones. but as I walked back to the parking area maybe 50 yards away, the lights “followed” me!!! I took some photos and they were definitely an insect of some sort, just blinking lights, not drones. I stood at the edge of the beach by my car taking pictures and the one light stayed right near me moving around slightly. I looked up “winter fireflies” on my smart phone and there they were! but so strange following me like that. any ideas??

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