Subject: wasp?
Location: Canby, Oregon
April 6, 2014 9:34 pm
This was sitting just outside my door. I live in Canby, OR (just south of Portland) and we’ve had wasps in our yard, but none ever looked like this. It looks similar to certain types of wasps, but this one seems more slender and with longer legs.
Signature: Bill

Crane Fly

Tiger Crane Fly

Hi Bill,
This really is a magnificent Crane Fly.  We quickly located a matching image on BugGuide of a Tiger Crane Fly,
Ctenophora vittata.  Crane Flies are benign creatures that neither sting nor bite.  Many years ago we received an interesting account of the mating activity of Tiger Crane Flies.

Interesting.  Certainly haven’t seen any crane flies that look like that before.
Thank you very much for the info.

Location: Canby, Oregon

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