Subject: Earwig? Termite? Both? Neither?
Location: San Diego, CA
April 5, 2014 11:54 am
I came across this strange creature (at least to me) in my home last night. It looks like a cross between an earwig and a termite. I’ve not seen something like this before. It’s about a half-inch long. Any idea what it could be?
Thank you!
Signature: RSK



Dear RSK,
The correct answer is neither.  This is a Webspinner in the order
Embiidina, and you can get additional information on BugGuide where it states their habitat is “silk galleries are spun under stones and bark, in debris, cracks in soil or bark, among grass roots, lichens, mosses, and epiphytic plants” and that they eat “dead plant material plus lichens and mosses found around their galleries”.

Location: San Diego, California

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