Subject: Sac??
Location: Virginia
April 4, 2014 11:59 am
What is that??
Signature: -thank you

Golden Orbweaver Egg Sac

Golden Orbweaver Egg Sac

This is the Egg Sac of a large, beautiful and harmless spider, the Golden Orbweaver or Black and Yellow Orbweaver, Argiope aurantia.

Thank you so much.. it stays

We are very happy to hear that you are tolerant of harmless spiders in your garden.  We hope some of the spiderlings that hatch will remain in your garden, but they will also disperse on the wind, a process known as ballooning.  It is possible that the wind may carry some of the young spiderlings many miles from their birth location.

Location: Virginia

2 Responses to Egg Sac of a Golden Orbweaver

  1. Sabrena Van nurden says:

    How long do the spiferlings stay inside the egg sac? I found one recently and I can’t wait to see the spiderlings emerge!

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