Subject: Bug ID
Location: Bedroom floor under the bed
March 27, 2014 11:50 am
Sorry I used wrong form. I found this bug in my bedroom. I have a live one in a box. He is about 1/4 inch long with little hairs on his back. 3 legs each side, to the front of his body. very dark and pale cream stripes. Lots of dicarded shell casings but he does not look like a bedbug. his body is quite rounded. Moves quite slowly in a concertina like movement.
I am being bitten and was looking for bedbugs. I have cleaned and smoked the room. Would be gratefull for your advise as I cannot find this little darling anywhere on the internet.
I should mention that we have just replaced our roof andall the stuff out of the loft came downstairs and we have been overseas in the last 6 months
Signature: Ann

Carpet Beetle Larva Sketch

Carpet Beetle Larva Sketch

Dear Ann,
Your sketch of this Carpet Beetle Larva is much better than your photograph.  Carpet Beetles are common household pests, but we do not believe it is responsible for the bites you are getting.

Carpet Beetle Larva

Carpet Beetle Larva

Dear Daniel,
Many thanks for your help. Have fumed and cleaned the room and will keep a vigilant watch for more offspring. Seen the doc and he says they are definately bites. I think they are scabies but he is not convinced as they are not between my fingers and are generally in groups of three. No other family member is affected. They are quite nasty and it has taken antibiotics in addition to lyclear cream to calm them down. Still the mystery remains. I will try to make a donation to your organisation via paypal  Many Thanks Ann

Thank you for your generosity.



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2 Responses to Carpet Beetle Larva

  1. Erika K says:

    Debris from carpet beetles has been reported to cause welts that look like insect bites. Supposedly, these are allergic reaction and not bites!

    Marcia Anderson has written a nice essay on the EPA blog about this, and it is also referenced in the Wikipedia article on Carpet Beetles.

    I have both an infestation of carpet beetles, and hives, about 2cm in diameter, that last a few days and are very itchy.

    The good news is that getting rid of the symptoms of carpet beetle allergy, should be as simple as washing bedding and vaccuming thoroughly. MUCH easier, and less expensive, than bed bug treatments. I’m going to try thorough cleaning (along with a carbon-dioxide bug trap) to see whether it fixes my problem.

    Kind regards,

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