Subject: What type of grub is this?
Location: The Pas, Manitoba, Canada
March 23, 2014 7:34 pm
We found this grub burrowed in the middle of a frozen dead ash? tree we knocked down. We were cutting it up with an axe and noticed a few of them. The inside of the tree was totally eaten and was full of dark brown casings/guano. The fat big grub was right in the hard wood in a self made hollow.
We thought ands were damaging our trees but maybe this is the culprit! What is it? Any information about how to get rid of it, damage it causes, etc? Pretty gross but pretty cool at the same time. Thank you
Signature: Snug as a grub

Scarab Grubs

Scarab Grubs

We believe these are Scarab Beetle Grubs, most likely Rhinoceros Beetle Grubs from the subfamily Dynastinae.  We do not believe the Grubs are responsible for the demise of the tree.  They will infest dead and dying trees that are beginning to decompose, but they will not kill healthy trees.

Location: The Pas, Manitoba, Canada

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  1. William Hong says:

    I think they are stag beetle larvae since they have orangish face and it was found inside rotting tree.

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