Hi Daniel,
A Ph.D. candidate at the University of Arizona is seeking information on White-lined Sphinx Moth larvae, especially large aggregations of them.
I have posted her “Wanted!” poster on the LepSoc Facebook page, and I told her I’d also send them to you (PDF and JPEG formats, attached) to be considered for sharing on What’s That Bug?
Julian P. Donahue



Hi Julian,
We are unable to post large files to What’s That Bug? so we included a link to the large pdf and a smaller version as a visual.



2 Responses to WANTED: Reports of Whitelined Sphinx Caterpillars

  1. Nancy says:

    We’ve seen what we think are lots of these caterpillars today and yesterday (Sept. 14-15, 2014) at the Wickenburg Sportsman Club, Az.
    The ones we saw today were all trying to dig holes in the ground. Why are they doing that?

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