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Subject: Insect ID
Location: South Florida-West Palm Beach
March 16, 2014 3:17 pm
Could you please ID this blue flying insect.
Signature: DJS

Great Black Wasp

Blue Mud Dauber

Dear DJS,
This looks like a Great Black Wasp,
Sphex pensylvanicus, to us.  We are going to check with Eric Eaton who profiled the Great Black Wasp on his Bug Eric blog to see if he can verify or correct its identity.  According to Eric:  “Few North American wasps are as conspicuous as the Great Black Wasp, Sphex pensylvanicus. This all-black insect with violet reflections on its wings is so large as to sometimes be mistaken for a tarantula hawk wasp. Males average 22 millimeters in body length, while females are about 28 millimeters (up to 35 mm) and more robust.”

Correction Courtesy of Eric Eaton
That is either a Blue Mud Dauber, Chalybion californicum, or a Steel Blue Cricket Killer, Chlorion aerarium.  Hard to tell the two apart from only a couple images from the same angle.  I lean toward Blue Mud Dauber, though.

Great Black Wasp

Blue Mud Dauber

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: West Palm Beach, Florida

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  1. Tracey Bakhsiss says:

    I have a very jerky fast metallic midnight blue wasp body insect that comes, doesn’t give me time to photo it then disappears under the porch. I never see more than one & never see any exit. Is this a dauber?

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