Subject: Found odd bug in youth
Location: Shallow water in a lake
March 17, 2014 8:44 am
When I was younger I found an odd aquatic insect when I went to a local camp. I caught it and put it into a bucket of sand and water. Later It was preserved as part of an insect collection I used for 4-H under the most-likely false name “Water Cockroach”. I recently discovered my old insect collection when moving and noticed the insect once more. I tried looking it up based on what little I could describe it by. It appears to be a nymph, but of what I’m completely uncertain. It would be great if I could learn what it was if only to rectify it’s label after all these years.
Additional description of the insect portrays the insect to be roughly the size of a quarter, brad and flat, about as thick as one. Mud colored, most likely for camouflage. Adept at burrowing under the mud/sand as it attempted to do so when confined in the bucket (though it was a 5 gallon bucket).
I do so apologize for the terrible resolution of the pictures but I did not have a proper image capturing device at the time and was forced to use my webcam.
Signature: Spars with Mantids

Dragonhunter Naiad

Dragonhunter Naiad

Dear Spars with Mantids,
The larval nymphs of many flying insects live in water, and they are collectively known as Naiads.  These include Mayflies, Stoneflies, Damselflies and Dragonflies.  This is a Dragonfly Naiad, more specifically, the Naiad of a Dragonhunter,
Hagenius brevistylus.  Dragonhunter Naiads are very well camouflaged among fallen leaves at the bottom of ponds.

Thank you ever so much for you kind help. I’m glad to finally be able to put a name to this odd little guy after all these years.
Spars with Mantids

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