Subject: Bugs on my bed
Location: Brazil
March 13, 2014 1:07 am
Hi there
one day i saw some tiny bugs on my bed, it was like 20 or 30 of them that i could see… at first glance i tought it was Fleas, becouse they were very tiny and fast. But in a closer look, it does not look like one.
So i took this picture.
I washed the bed’s sheets, but one or another of the insects still can be seen over the bed
In the internet, some people said that they were cockrouches nymphs, but i doubt it.
The picture was shot today.
Signature: VFx

Slender Springtail

Elongate Bodied Springtail

Dear VFx,
This is a Elongate Bodied Springtail in the family Entomobryidae, but we cannot be certain of the species.  See this image on BugGuide for comparison.  Springtails are benign creatures that can be very numerous if conditions are right, making them a nuisance, but they are no threat to you or your home.

Location: Brazil

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