Subject: Another bed bug question…
Location: Northern Virginia
March 12, 2014 11:10 pm
Earlier today, around noon, I was in the bathroom and felt something on my leg and killed this bug. At first it looked to me like a bed bug. This startled me a little so I decided to do some research which only added to my suspicions. While it does look a lot like a bed bug, there are some things that also look slightly different. The first thing is that it seems a little darker than the images I am finding online. The next thing is the body shape is slightly different. The third feature is that the area behind the eyes or head(I guess it’s called a pronotum?) seems to be a different shape than bed bugs.
I have never seen any evidence of bedbugs in the house or on my body before. Is this a bed bug or is it something else?
The second picture was taken after I accidentally removed the legs and antennae when I dropped it. The bug is also about 2mm long.
Signature: I. M.

Possibly Bat Bug

Possibly Bat Bug

Dear I.M.,
While this might not be a Human Bed Bug, it does resemble a member of the family Cimidae.  It might be a Bat Bug,
Cimex adjunctus, which can be viewed on BugGuide.

Thank you for the help. I still plan to bring it to a local expert just to be safe.
Thanks again!
Ian McCluskey

Location: Virginia

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