Subject: Please identify
Location: San Jose, Ca
March 11, 2014 3:37 pm
Hello Savior(at least I hope),
My name is Dana John and I live in San Jose, Ca. Last February I was chemically burned from the inside out after taking Penicillin, 1 in a million reaction, and was left with open wounds all over my body. I was also told to smear steroids all over my skin/scalp for months to help with healing and that left me with no immunity. As of now all the holes have healed except on my scalp, meanwhile I have been going crazy due to this bug I will attach photos of. Docs treat me like I am insane and I know I haven’t lost my mind!! I don’t know if this bug is being birthed from my skin or attracted to some type of fungus or mold that may be growing on my skin. Our Vet sent specimens of it to be identified and Cornell University said it was a Crustacian??? Now we are beyond stumped and as the warm summer approaches I am terrified as whatever this thing is it prefers warmer temperatures. I look forward to what you have to say and hope I find help somehow, someway!! I also should say that the photo where you see a darker version of this insect….the darker part of the body is wings that are covering a large thorax that is an amber color.
Signature: Sincerely, Dana John

Springtail, we believe

Springtail, we believe

Dear Dana,
First we want to say that we empathize with your problem, but we are not really qualified to diagnose medical conditions.  The images you provided appear to be of three distinctly different looking “creatures” and one appears to be a benign Springtail, which you can compare to images on BugGuide.  Springtails are commonly found in the home and they can become a nuisance if they are plentiful, but again, they are benign.  According to BugGuide:  “Springtails are ‘decomposers’ that thrive mostly on decaying organic matter, especially vegetable matter. They may also graze on spores of molds and mildews, especially indoors where there is a lack of other food sources.”  We are unable at this time to identify the other two images.

What's That Bug?

What’s That Bug?

What's That Bug???

What’s That Bug???



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Location: San Jose, California

15 Responses to Penicillin reaction leads to undiagnosed syndrome!!!

  1. D.Deven says:

    The bottom pic may be a psyllid (not sure of spelling)- they are attacking Oranges, and one or two attached themselves to the skin on my shoulder. Brought it from FL on oranges. I had to scrape it off –it made an itchy welt. It was about a 1/4 inch long. They are amber and sort of jelly looking, yet hard.

  2. Ana Scarola says:

    You guys are not crazy!!! I went through the same situation with my doctor. Was sent to an infectious dz. doc who told me I needed psych treatment. I even had pictures of the bugs with me! I get jelly looking bugs out of my skin when I rub it with cream or alcohol. I know they are skin bugs.

  3. Rogelio Rodriguez says:

    It’s crazy that feeling in my family and friends and the hospital tread me like crazy telling me that I in drugs . I been using teatree oil seems to help alot but still in the heat they go crazy .im so tired of it,i can’t even go to work could i qualified as disability i lost my car for stop working i even lost the apartment i was living, luckily my brother let me stay in a little room far in the back. I feel like im a deseas every body point at me and don’t want to be close to me , is a really bad situation

  4. Itchy in florida says:

    I have this same brown round thing. Its jiggers. Google it. Dont get freaked out at the bad pictures just keep looking. Its not fibers.

  5. jane says:

    I’m in the UK and have had this problem for the last 18 months it’s a fungi. No dr or dermatologist will get rid of this. You need to bath in baking soda and drink a teaspoon of baking soda in half a cup of. Water 3 x a day. Also take caprillic acid and magnesium zinc and phosphate each day you need the metals to zap it’s membrane to kill this fungi. Good luck! P.s. it will try to fight back and seem like it’s getting worst but try and keep going you will win this.

  6. Asumner says:

    Wow I cannot believe this I thought I was the only one that had these things. Mine started about 20 months ago with my head itching me to death and my hair falling out and in my hairbrush it looked like balls of lint a lot of them so I tried everything then when I would brush my hair I would something make a dash for my right ear and I would go into fits trying to get them out didn’t work then my ear started itching bad nothing would help until I got a qtip and soaked it with peroxide and stuck it into my right ear and those things went crazy and when I pulled the qtip out it was full of translucent bugs like spiders real tiny and eggs my God at the eggs that are white and something that is white tiny tiny with looks like a hair and peroxide kills them as soon as it hits them and they are all over me and some different ones burrow into my skin and they are white about and 1/8 of an inch long and they burrow in NY hair roots. I changed my bed cloths every 2 days and I Have found this dog and cat shampoo at Walmart its antimicrobial, antifungal, and something else and it helps a lot mixed with head and shoulders and now its like an explosion of them attacking me now, they are all over my body burrowing into my akin. I can’t go anywhere for the past week all I do is scratch and scream and cry because when those things move around in my ear it hurts like hell. Now they are in my nose. If anyone can help please do

  7. I’m also going through the same thing my

  8. I went through some serious operations, I’m 51 years old a few months ago having back pain for years they founpd a hole in the lower part of my back, anyhow they had to scrape my ribs, and build me new disks for my back been dealing with these parasites,bugs since after the operation they put a good many nice size holes mostly around where they had cut me open little black specks everywhere. They were probably five bugs in each hole black their eyes sort of shined silvery. I thought I got in from the hospital I took them in 4 hospitals now that I think about it I know why they didn’t want to see them and didn’t want to see them no one could truly identify them . By the way the holes got in my back from a yeast infection 8 four discs in my back. Started picking them out one by one very hard to get out they held on tiny ugly made a slight chopping noise I’m still scared out of my mind because I know I’m not nuts. I do have some of these in a pill bottle one of them grew up to be a white moth looking Flyers beetle, and had a set of had a set of cutters for a month I did get them back I have them now I hate them seems like alcohol kills them they like blood can’t figure out how they came back time to get out the five more bottles of alcohol they did attack my parrot bathed her constantly anyone know how to keep these away I’m getting about sick of it,

  9. My name is Jackie I had an operation was in my back my back had a hole in it it was yeast that’s when these gross little bugs appeared I thought It was from the doctors but does look like the same bugs I was on a antibiotic for months for my back it was an antibiotic for yeast infections in my back and shaved and made me new ribs were made into discs to put back in place of the holes in my back that’s whan I noticed these little tiny black thing specs coming out of my skin especially on the side where they cut me open they made a weird snapping sound. When they latched on they were very hard to get off Yes I got the cold shoulder also from everyone alcohol seem to take them away and kill them. I found one of them with a bird feather on its back, very strange bugs, I’ve been trying to smother them with just about anything spray alcohol on them my bird had them all through her I had to bathe her constantly also not a lot but I do see small white skinny worms. I thought I was getting rid of them but today I found a few more holes and black dots all itchy and when they bite it hurts but what you’re describing is the same thing I have I’m scared I had three major operations well wish everyone luck. My battle with a strange things hopefully will go away and you got to watch they can jump real far. Goodluck thank you by the way I live in Pennsylvania and it is summertime. Try to put a bug zapper in your room.

  10. Problem, please help me somebody. These little critters just came back no one seems to know what they are maybe read it and an apply would be great.

  11. Chris Paul says:

    okay guys. I don’t have a clue as to what you have but, let’s go over some basics:
    Firstly, doctors are stupid.
    okay, so, if you think you have viral, microbial, fungal, bacterial, or internal parasites, study all these:
    Black walnut
    Tea Tree
    Lemon balm (Melissa Officinalis)
    Hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis)
    Pau D’ Arco
    Manuka Honey
    Be careful with some of these as they are POWERFUL, especially hyssop and black walnut. Hyssop and Pau D’Arco are EXTREMELY antibiotic to the gut so remember that.
    If you have something like a parasite in your skin:
    Black walnut leaves, greens, boiled bark (WILL TURN YOU golden brown, but cause your pores to contract, hopefully suffocating anything .) Teatree, peroxide (which is a natural byproduct in Manuka Honey. It is only natural substance known to treat MRSA and alike.
    Something simple may work too, or a concoction like food grade Diatomaceous Earth, and a pinch of salt applied to areas of skin. the DE will slice any insect sized creatures into finely ground powder if they walk into it. The salt will help it by absorbing more moisture from them while cut from the DE.
    I hope this helps.

    • Mary says:

      Thank you Chris Paul. I will try some of these. Gracious it’s the year 2020 now & I pray the people I’ve just read texts from, on this site are not still suffering and equally important if they are, now 3 yrs. later, will see this. Briefly, before I go and reply to someone’s text that hopefully the others having the same torture and I don’t say that lightly trust me, I am 99.99% certain that they are infested with springtails which of course all of the entomologists the CDC and so on and so on say is not possible.
      BUT PLEASE PLEASE EVERYONE WHO HAS BEEN ON THIS SITE, REFERENCE A RESEARCH STUDY DONE BY THE NPA NATIONAL PEDICULOSIS ASSOCIATION OUT OF NEEDHAM MASSACHUSETTS TOGETHER WITH THE OKLAHOMA STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH WHERE THEY DID EXTENSIVE RESEARCH AND A DOCUMENTED STUDY OF 20 INDIVIDUALS HAVING THE SAME SYMPTOMS AS ALL WHO I HAVE READ ON THIS SITE HAVE MENTIONED; MYSELF AS WELL FOR 30 YEARS! THEIR STUDY WHICH WAS EXTENSIVE AND UTILIZED HIGH-POWERED MICROSCOPES ELECTRON PERHAPS CAN’T REMEMBER THAT 18 INDIVIDUALS THEY FOUND SPRINGTAILS OR SPRING-TAIL BODY PARTS SUCH AS MOUTH PARTS LEGS FEELERS SEGMENTED BODY WHICH WAS ABSOLUTE PROOF THAT SPRINGTAILS CAN INDEED INFEST HUMANS CONTRARY TO THE MAJORITY OF THOSE THAT THINK OTHERWISE. THEY ACTUALLY DECIDED TO DO THIS STUDY WHEN A GENTLEMAN WHO WAS SUFFERING LIKE WE ALL HAVE EMAILED THEM WITH A STUDY FROM 1955 DONE IN SWEDEN WHERE A RENOWNED ENTOMOLOGIST HAD FOUND THE EXACT SAME INFESTATION AND HUMANS PEOPLE THAT HE STUDIED RESEARCHED AND WAS PUBLISHED. HATS OFF TO THE NPA WHO ACTUALLY HAD NEVER HEARD OR READ THAT STUDY AND THAT IS WHAT MOTIVATED THEM TO DO THE STUDY IN 2010 or thereabouts. Besides horrible stinging itching lesions and physical pain the individuals they studied suffered from debilitating neurological problems which fits my own symptoms Plus the horse of my family not believing me initially and being diagnosed with delusional parasitosis even though not one single doctor in 30 years which I imagine I’ve seen 70 ever looked through a dermiscope or kind of magnification. But I learned I cannot focus on what almost made me want to quit living because I’ve had a higher power is all I can figure that has made me so strong. I have so many photos as my father who’s 91 believed me finally and ordered me a digital microscope that I had hooked or set up on my computer. It’s funny the images are so unbelievable and to imagine that those critters are in my skin and I’m telling you I have had three to four operations rotator cuff surgery infection in my toe and I’m not diabetic had it amputated them feel from the imbalance and broke my leg so I have a plate and nine pins and yet I am still determined to get to the bottom of this! The woman who was the lead author on this paper that was published is still the head of the NPA so you can Google that number which again is in Needham Massachusetts and as for Deborah and she has several contacts physicians that believe and know this is true and will treat all of us who needed an open-minded and caring physicians care so many years ago for some of us. I know this is a long text and it’s actually taking me forever to text it ha but I told one dermatologist that I thanked him for the appointment and his time but that I felt incredibly sorry for him because the day that I think that I know everything there is to know about this wonderful world that’s ever changing, new species of animals insects flowers trees are identified and noted every day so for me that would be a very sad day when I thought I knew everything there was this world had to offer. I have so many photographs but I don’t know how to send them on this site although I guess it’s the same way that I send them to my father on his email but I guess I will wait and see if my writing this 3 years after the last post is too late to reach anybody. I certainly hope not because that paper and that organization will answer so many questions and make you all feel so much better eventually when you get the proper care which I’m still waiting on a call for a doctor where I live in Virginia. Gracious I swear I feel your pain and frustration so my thoughts and prayers go out to each and every one of you! Mary

  12. jane says:

    I have been using baking soda to wash the mucus thisbthing puts on your skin. Also drinking it in half a cup of water for 3 days then stop for 3 days ect. I take caprillic acid 3 x a day then you need metals to zap the fungi membrane i use magnesium and potassium also zinc. Good luck guys.

  13. Chris Paul says:

    About the bug shown on this page:
    Days after visiting here, a random page in a search showed what looked like this bug. It lives in cannabis plants, so…it would seem you should stop putting your baggy under your hat. 🙂 joking…possibly. (about the hat thing…not the bug thing)

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