Subject: what kind of spider is this?
Location: east bay area 94509
March 3, 2014 1:50 pm
Hi. We found this spider dead in our garage this am and we have never seen anything like it. I would imagine he was at least as big as a 50 cent piece when alive, if not bigger. I really just want to make sure he’s not poisonous because we have small children.
Signature: jaimie

Dead Tarantula

Dead Tarantula

Hi Jaimie,
This is a Tarantula, and they do have venom.  Teach your children to respect Tarantulas since they live in your area.  The bite of a North American Tarantula might be painful and result in local swelling and tenderness, but it is not considered especially dangerous to humans.  Tarantulas really need to be provoked to bite, and there is little chance of that happening with this dead Tarantula.  More of a threat is the irritation caused by the utricating hairs.

Location: east bay San Francisco, California

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