Subject: Spider classification, please
Location: Columbia, SC
March 3, 2014 7:50 pm
Hi. Spotted a ground-dwelling spider in the yard today (see attached photo) and am curious as to what type.
Closest I can tell it could be a Funnel Weaver, Fishing Spider, or possibly in the Wolf Spider family.
Looking forward to your insightful findings.
Signature: C. Neil Scott

Wolf Spider

Wolf Spider

Dear C. Neil Scott,
We believe this is a Wolf Spider, but our second guess would be Nursery Web Spider which allows for the possibility of it being a Fishing Spider.  Your spider bears a resemblance to the
Gladicosa gulosa that is pictured on BugGuide.  We are going to contact Mandy Howe to see if she can assist in the identification.

Location: Columbia, South Carolina

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  1. Mandy Howe says:

    Hi Daniel & C. Neil,
    Yep, it’s definitely a wolf spider, though a tough call for me… it’s between genus Gladicosa and genus Schizocosa (e.g. like this). It’d be one I would have to examine in person under the microscope to tell for sure.

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