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Subject: Creepy Crawly
Location: Durban South Africa
March 3, 2014 9:34 am
I found these in the bathroom at night, they don’t seem to have legs but somehow can climb vertically, it crawls along by sticking its head out , grabbing hold of something and pulling itself forward , if you blow on it it retreat inside it’s shell and then sticks its head out of the other end, or is it double headed. I have a short video of this but I will send you a high def photo.
Signature: Lyn James

Case Bearing Moth Larva

Case Bearing Moth Larva

Dear Lyn,
This Case Bearing Moth Larva is either
Phereoeca fallax or a closely related species.  See BugGuide for a comparison image.  According to BugGuide:  “Larval cases can be found on wool rugs and wool carpets, hanging on curtains, or under buildings, hanging from subflooring, joists, sills and foundations; also found on exterior of buildings in shaded places, under farm sheds, under lawn furniture, on stored farm machinery, and on tree trunks” and “larvae feed on old spider webs; may also eat woolen goods of all kinds if the opportunity arises.”  We also believe the larvae will eat shed pet hair as well as human hair and other organic substances found in the home, and we have received documentation of Case Bearing Moth Larvae feeding on pet food.

Daniel thanks for the info,and the speedy response, that is fascinating, nobody around here has ever seen these thing before.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Durban, South Africa

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  1. mark wakeford says:

    I too am in South Africa. 2 hours South of Durban. How does one get rid of these case bearing moth larvae please?

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