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Subject: Baby Scorpion
Location: Bunbury, Western Australia
March 1, 2014 6:41 pm
Dear Bugman,
We have just moved into an old house surrounded by bush in Bunbury, Western Australia. On the day of the move, our things arrived from UK, after spending 3 months in ships.
I found what looked like an ‘ant’ on our white carpets, just where our little boy was playing. When I looked closer, I saw that it had ‘claws’. It was startled and buried itself, head first in the fibres of the carpet, raising it’s ‘sting’ in a threatening way. It was too tiny to appear threatening though. I called my husband to look and he held it with a pair of tweezers. He threw it out without killing it but he thinks he might have hurt its tail.
I managed to get a picture of it. It is about 1 cms in length.
I am curious as to if this is a scorpion and if it is indigenous to Western Australia. Please shed some light. Thanks in advance.
Western Australia
Signature: Su



Hi Su,
Yes, this is a Scorpion, but beyond that, we cannot say much for certain.  You can find information on Australian Scorpions on The Museum Victoria website which states:  “The Australian species can inflict a painful sting that results in swelling and pain for several hours, and there have not been any confirmed deaths of people from stings from Australian scorpions. Medical advice should be sought if you are stung by a scorpion.”

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What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Bunbury, Western Australia

3 Responses to Scorpion in Australia

  1. Matthew says:

    I can’t be certain because of the quality of the picture, but this bears the markings of a Lychas or Cercophonius species (or something similar). These are common on the east coast ofAustralia, but I don’t know whether they occur in Western Australia.

  2. Ken says:

    I n Arizona it is mostly bark scorpions. I go out every night with a black light on a scorpion safari. My diligence has paid off. What used to be two or three a night is now maybe one or two a month.
    Get rid of their food, other bugs, and they will go to your neighbors yard instead.

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