Subject: Bedbug
Location: California Sacramento
March 1, 2014 2:25 pm
Is this a bedbug?
Signature: Diana

Bed Bug

Bed Bug

Dear Diana,
Your image is quite blurry, however, this does appear to be a Bed Bug.

Location: Sacramento, California

3 Responses to Bed Bug, we believe

  1. Terry Taciuk says:

    Hi this does look like a bed bug. You can check out an iPhone app called bud bug proof for future sightings. It is a free app that turns your phone into a bed bug inspector. The INSPECTOR function turns on your camera and flashlight. You can search your home, hotel room etc, with this function . Shoot a photo and than use the COMPARE function to compare your photo to real photos of bed bugs, bed bug signs and bed bug eggs. Full transparency, I am from the Terramera Inc., we created this free app and also make and sell an EPA registered plant based bed bug spray.

    • bugman says:

      We here at What’s That Bug? do not hold any disdain for entrepreneurs, especially ones who will help the common man fight Bed Bugs.

  2. lockforce9 says:

    The use of pesticides should usually be restricted to professionals, or at least professional grade products used very carefully by the average homeowner. I had a problem with fleas in my home, so I finally found a great method of flea control that is both safe AND effective.

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