Subject: Wow what’s this bug?
Location: Nr Mount Everest
February 26, 2014 1:31 am
My friend found this bug in his bed in nepal.
It’s like a bed bug with scorpian arms!
I have done a little looking online but can’t find anything quite like it!
Think it was discovered near mount everest or when they were going to base camp.
Otherwise it was somewhere else in nepal.
Sorry the photo sin’t great.
Signature: Happy Bunny



Dear Happy Bunny,
This is a harmless predatory Pseudoscorpion, and its location near Mount Everest has piqued our interest.  We normally get photos of Pseudoscorpions because they are found in homes and dwellings, and we wonder if they have adapted through the years to benefit from a close association with humans by preying upon pests that trouble us, like Bed Bugs.

Thank you so much for looking at that for me 🙂
I have told my friend what it is, he will be pleased as it freaked him out a bit!
Thanks again
Kind regards
Miss Arnold

Location: Mount Everest, Nepal

2 Responses to Pseudoscorpion found near Mount Everest!!!

  1. Karl says:

    The name of the part of interest is a Chernetid

  2. Anil Bhatta says:

    And too it have blue blood

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