Subject: millions of tiny black bugs, what are they?
Location: northwest washington, USA
February 20, 2014 11:00 pm
Recently i found an infestation of bugs outside, and i have never seen anything like it. A log appeared to be black, and i didn’t know why. When i got closer to it, i discovered that the entire log was covered in tiny black bugs.
they appear to have 6 legs, and antennae. All over the internet i’ve been unable to find any answer as to what these are.
Roughly 2mm in size, found in february – 2 different occasions in the past two weeks, but during freezing weather, snow, and rain. They showed up in areas that were rained on – logs, ground, sidewalk – and i didn’t find any on the dry logs underneath the shed’s roof.
i was unable to get the best quality photos, but these are two macro shots of the bugs. Just imagine a solid layer of poppy seeds when viewed at a normal distance.
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You discovered Springtails, and though they are benign, they can become a nuisance if conditions are right and they multiply.

Location: Washington

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