Subject:  Stinky
February 13, 2014
Location:  Turkey
Hello Daniel,
I sent you a letter a month or so ago about a stinky centipede. you answered my letter immediately, and I am very thankful to you. I found another one in my office and got a picture for you. when touched it expels a very foul odor that stays on my hands for hours and stinks up several rooms. You told me it could be cyanide gas. Thanks again, and here is the picture. Thanks again. Timur – in Turkey

Millipede from Turkey

Millipede from Turkey

Dear Timur,
Thanks for sending in your recent photo and description.  This is a Millipede, not a Centipede.

Location: Turkey

2 Responses to Millipede from Turkey

  1. Pave Stoev says:

    This is a millipede of order Callipodida. Looks like a species of genus Eurygyrus. There are 5 genera of Callipodida in Turkey, Eurygyrus is by the most common and species’ richest.
    The specific odor might be due to the presence of para-cresol in the defensive secretions they produce. However, chemical components of callipodidans have been only marginally studied.

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