Subject: Beetles on Loofah flowers
Location: Kedah, Malaysia
February 5, 2014 2:49 am
I found these two insects on yellow loofah flowers. I am not sure if the two are related (e.g. male/female). Both are small, body is about 1 cm long.
The brown and orange one have leaf-footed like feature.
Weather : Hot and humid
Climate : Tropical
Signature: Cohlinn

Weevil and Immature Citron Bug

Gold Dust Weevil and Immature Citron Bug

Hi again Cohlinn,
The yellow insect with what we believe is an immature Citron Bug is a Weevil, one of a group of beetles in the superfamily Curculionoidea.  At first we did have not had any luck identifying the species despite locating two matching images online.  There is an unidentified Weevil posted to The Flying Kiwi’s Cambodian Bugs page (scroll down to see it), and another image of an individual taken in Malaysia posted to FlickR.  Another unidentified individual is pictured on Interesting PHotos.  We then located some images on Project Noah that are identified as Gold Dust Weevils,
Hypomeces squamosus.  An individual from China is pictured on SinoBug.  Finally, a mating pair is pictured on PBase.

Location: Kedah, Malaysia

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