Subject: Large Spider found in and around house in Jakarta, Indonesia
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
January 30, 2014 7:17 pm
My daughter noticed the 1st spider on our wall inside our house in Jakarta, Indonesia. Earlier this week I found a larger spider of a similar species on the outside of my daughter’s window. For reference, the indoor spider is 2cm from bottom of abdomen to head (minus front fangs/legs). The one on the window was larger, about 4-5cm.
I am trying to reassure my wife that these spiders are not dangerous to humans, but I’m having a hard time locating any images for tropical spiders in Indonesia. Any help would be appreciated!
Signature: Chris Morris

Male Huntsman Spider

Male Huntsman Spider

Dear Chris,
You are correct that this male Huntsman Spider,
Heteropoda venatoria, is harmless to humans.  These Huntsman Spiders are nocturnal hunters that do not build a web to snare prey.  They prey upon Cockroaches as well as other insects, so they are beneficial around the house.  Heteropoda venatoria has a rather large global distribution, especially in tropical and semitropical port cities and they increased their native range greatly by hitching rides on ships with banana shipments.

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

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  1. Pat Simons says:

    Ide like more info on the phoneutrignigriventer- brazilian spider- on the subject of it’s venom as an aphrodisiac (sp).
    An article I read a couple of years ago stateted that a doctor helped a young lad that was bitten by one.
    To my knowledge no one has followed up on this yet
    It could be the best thing ever for ED for men over all the other so called mail orders that have been tried with no results.
    If there is anyone that can search this topic and get back to me on it or who may want to try and developed it please reply.

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