Subject: Moth or Butterfly?
Location: Zimbabwe
January 29, 2014 7:00 am
Hey there,
Can you tell me what this is? Found in Zimbabwe, I’ve seen a few around, but can’t find them in any books.
Signature: Kate

Possibly Diurnal Tiger Moth

Astute Tiger

Dear Kate,
We believe this is a diurnal Tiger Moth in the subfamily Arctiinae, but we are unable to verify that speculation with any documentation online.  We will try contacting our friend and Arctiid specialist Julian Donahue, however he is currently traveling and we are not certain when he will return.

Julian Donahue Provides a Correction and a lead to an Identification:  February 6, 2014
Hi Daniel,
Just returned from India yesterday.
The moth is indeed a beauty, but I suspect that it’s either a geometrid or maybe an agaristine noctuid.
Try checking with LepSoc Africa for help with this one. You can post the photo to their Facebook page for an ID ( Their website is at:
The President is Steve Woodhall: send the photo to him if you don’t want to go through Facebook.

Dear Steve,
Julian Donahue suggested I contact you regarding this identification which I thought might be an Arctiid.  Do you recognize this lovely moth from Zimbabwe?  I run a pop culture website called What’s That Bug? and this image was sent in last week.  You can also view the posting if you want additional details.
Thank you for any help you are able to provide.
Daniel Marlos

Steve Woodall provides the identification:  Astute Tiger
Hi Daniel
This is Phaegorista agaristoides, the Astute Tiger (Noctuidae – Aganainae). It resembles the False Tiger moths that are in the Arctiinae (now a subfamily of Erebidae, in the Noctuoidea). Lepidopteran taxonomy and phylogeny is undergoing somewhat of a revolution right now and we can’t use the old families in Pinhey any more!
Kind regards

Thanks Steve.  Goodness, a revolution sounds so bellicose.

Location: Zimbabwe

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