Subject: A fly?
Location: Coimadai, 50km north of Melbourne Australia
January 26, 2014 11:28 pm
Hi I found this fly attached to my pants while visiting the Merrimu Resevoir near Coimadai, about 50km north of Melbourne, Australia. It was approx 1.5cm in length and caught my eye due to its bright colours. Thought I’d share as it’s quite fascinating. Is anyone able to tell me what it is?
Signature: Scrubrobin

Tachinid Fly

Tachinid Fly

Dear Scrubrobin,
We suspected that this is a species of Tachinid Fly, a large and diverse family whose members parasitize other insects and arthropods, and many species are considered important biological control agents.  We searched the Brisbane Insect website, and found a striking similarity between your specimen and two examples of Tachinid Flies in the genus
Microtropesa, which are known as Golden Tachinid Flies.  We searched for additional examples of that genus and we found another example that looks exactly like your individual on the Diptera Info website, but it is not identified to the species level.

Tachinid Fly

Tachinid Fly

Update:  Microtropesa sinuata
We received two comments with links to Life Unseen and the identification of this Tachinid Fly as
Microtropesa sinuata.


Location: Coimadai, Australia

4 Responses to Tachinid Fly: Microtropesa sinuata

  1. aussietrev says:

    The most likely match is Microtropesa sinuata
    These are quite a large fly and very beautiful. They turn up occasionally at my place too.

  2. Scrubrobin says:

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction regarding the fly being a Tachinid. Further research by my partner revealed an identical looking fly on called Microtropesa sinuata.

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