Subject: Bug Identification.
Location: Santa Monica, CA
January 26, 2014 12:54 pm
Hi Bugman, I love your site. Thank you so much, i love bugs too. I am a dog walker here in Santa Monica CA and I get a chance to see lots of interesting things on my walks. I saw this little guy and just before my dog pack walked on him I picked him up and put him on a vine growing on a wall. He or she is quite beautiful really iridescent green. What kind of beetle is this?
Signature: Lauri Crosssman



Hi Lauri,
We are surprised you spotted this Figeater in January.  Figeaters, which are large, green Scarab Beetles, generally fly from August to October in Southern California.

Hi thx for the ident, i didn’t actually just find him it was last year around october I think, also he was under a very large ficus tree which I believe is a variety of fig.
Thanks again,

Location: Santa Monica, California

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