Subject: Ant from Amazonian Peru
Location: NE Peru
January 23, 2014 4:36 pm
Dear Bugman,
can you tell me what ant species I photographed here? The picture was taken in the Amazon Lowlands of NE Peru. Thank you!
Signature: Frank


Trap Jaw Ant

Hi Frank,
My those are impressive mandibles.  We found a photo on FlickR that is identified as a Trap Jaw Ant in the genus
 Odontomachus that is a great match for your Ant.  The FlickR posting states:  “Usually difficult to photograph because they are always foraging. They usually rove around with their jaws open and their antennae out ahead of them in sweeping motions. If they run into something that has the right chemical profile then their jaws will snap shut on it in one of the fastest recorded movements in the animal kingdom.”  The Rockefeller University also has a nice photograph. 

Location: Peru

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