Subject: Psocid or springtail?
Location: Hong Kong
January 4, 2014 1:24 pm
I discovered these little black(ish) bugs in my bed. I have not seen them anywhere else, but maybe that’s just because they are tiny and are hard to see unless contrasted against my white sheets and appearing close to my eyes.
They are only about 1mm (1/16 inch I believe) long and have two, for its size, long antennae sticking out straight forward.
After a look of web searches, springtail or psocids seem to fit.
Springtail appear to come from outside from what I’ve read, which I suppose is unlikely since I live on the 38th floor on top of a shopping mall. The floor above is a rooftop where some neighbors keep flowers, not sure if that can be the cause.
I live in Hong Kong and it is extremely humid here, I often get mold on the walls.
They are so tiny that I find it impossible to see if it’s a psocid or a springtail. I saw one larger that walked up on my iPad, when i slowly lifted the iPad the bug either jumped off or just slid off very fast. Another big one (1mm) seemed to vanish when I poked it so that might have jumped, but again I’m not sure as it was so small. A third one was smaller and definitely did not jump when I poked at it several times until it died.
I do not have any bites (as far as I can tell).
I managed to get a couple of photos of one on my bare mattress (using a clip-on lens for my iPhone as it’s otherwise impossible to photograph the tiny thing.
Signature: Andy

Possibly Springtail

Possibly Springtail

Hi Andy,
Booklice or Psocids are generally light in color, so we are favoring Springtails for your identification.  The Slender Springtails in the family Entomobryidae pictured on BugGuide look close to your image.

Many thanks!
I’m not a bug lover (especially when finding them in my bed, but your website is great! Amazing that you guys answer emails in your free time, especially with the amount your website said you get.
Btw, after putting my dehumidifier (as I read that both booklice and springtails need very high humidity levels) on clothes drying (max effect) and turning on an air heater that further reduces humidity for a few days I haven’t seen any. Hopefully I’ve gotten them out of my apartment and my bed!
Thanks again

Location: Hong Kong

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