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Subject: Coming out of my skin!
Location: Peoria heights IL
January 8, 2014 4:45 am
Hi! I was diagnosed with scabies, but they are coming out of my skin, and all the research I’ve read says scabies doesn’t do that. This happens when I put clove oil or coconut oil on my skin. Please help. I want them all gone!
I live in central Illinois, but moved here this year. Since June of this year I have gone from Hawaii to Georgia to South Carolina to Connecticut to southern Illinois up to central Illinois. Symptoms started after we moved to a new house in central Illinois. The bugs range in size from a black speck to what looks like a small brown flea. They appear to be dead when they come out of my skin.
I was diagnosed as having scabies because I went to the doctor with SEVERE itching and they asked if my fingers itched and I said yes. They did not examine me or see the bugs.
Signature: Desperately seeking help

Evidence of Something

Evidence of Something

Dear Desperately seeking help,
Unlike the doctor who “diagnosed” you, we have no credentials for the treatment of conditions.  We would urge you to seek a second professional opinion.  One of the images you provided looks like a blood splotched paper towel and we don’t see any “bugs”.  The second image looks vaguely insect-like, but there is not enough detail for us to make an identification.



Thank you for the response.
I understand you are not doctors, but had hoped you’d have some idea of what it is.
I am sorry I cannot get a very detailed photo of the bugs. They are ridiculously small right now. The big ones are all gone thank goodness.
Do you maybe have an idea of what would live inside the skin and surface when dying?
Thank you again for having responded to me in the first place. I really do appreciate it!

The list of places you visited in the past year includes Hawaii, and that is considered the tropics.  It is entirely possible that you contracted something in Hawaii that was brought in by another tourist.  We really have no idea what you would have living under your skin, but we have fielded requests like yours in the past including this Unknown Parasite posting from 2010.  We would suggest that you leave a comment on your query on our site in the event any of our readers write in with a suggestion.


What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Peoria Heights, Illinois

16 Responses to Scabies or Other???

  1. Curious Girl says:

    I realize it’s a bit late but perhaps s/he can try neem and tea tree oils. Take a bath with tea tree oil soap & shampoo, soak for a good while then dry-off, apply neem oil in a light coat over the entire body, wrap up in a sheet (to wash the next day) and go to sleep. Should be a lot better the next day but can be repeated again.

    Good luck.

  2. Minny says:

    I have exactly the same thing going on with myself and my children. My home was infested with these among other insects. I too am very confused as to what type of insect this would be and/or how we’d even be able to catch something like this, I have no pets. I have never in my life had to deal with any type of pest infestation, and don’t know what to do. Doctors, friends, family, and even the exterminator look at me like as if I am loosing my mind, and honestly I was starting to consider it might of been true, until I came across your post.
    Please if you have any further info, anything especially on how to get rid of this for good, please do reply.
    Hope you are doing better now, and really would appreciate a reply with good news.
    Take care. …..

    • Scott says:

      Hey Minny it seems while I read your post I too relate to similar experience with other poster.Its psychologically testing me for sometime now since moving into new condo.No pets,live alone so seems to make situation look like I’m truly delusional but I know what I’m feeling on me but haven’t pinned down type of insect/parasite yet.Feels as if it’s vibrating or electrical sensation under my foot then eventually up my body.Did the whole Neemaura soap and oil thing but need to find source since daily life hasn’t been normal since .Let me know if your still experiencing or possibly solved yours and am curious as to what these are..ThanksScott

    • james spark says:

      hello we are haveing the same thing going on right my wife is in the hospital as i speaknshe and i both have them doctors dont believe us even when we have pics and the prof in frony of them ive been doing research they call it the morgello parasite they it is a dulsion that they are not real i don’t know how to post a pic on here.

  3. Scott says:

    I should also mention I was diagnosed-misdiagnosed with Scabies and experienced same scenario as both posters.Scabies is extremely contagious and I’ve been around family and friends with anyone else contracting .Its a mite of some sort that a hot tub ful of water can only kill.

    • JOHN says:


    • Billy says:

      Hi Scott. I live in Illinois, and have most of my life. I used to live in southern IL, near St. Louis, now I live up here near La Salle/Ottawa, IL. I caught it this summer after a bird had a nest in our kitchen window that I pleaded and warned my roomate to remove, but he didn’t, and let the bird stay there, saying it was no big deal, then there were specks all around behind the kitchen sink, below the window that I was finding shortly after. I thought it was coffee grounds at first that he may have spilled, then roomy tried to say it’s probably dead gnats. I told him no no no, gnats aren’t that small like pepper specks. I wiped them up always. They were bird mites. Good going roomy, no big deal huh! After she had her babies and they were more grown, him and a friend finally removed the bird (starling), it’s babies, the nest, and boarded up the cracks. Still, the bird mites were still coming in the kitchen window. I bleached em, windexed them, cleared all them out anytime I would see them. I did all this while roommate was working, he would do very little since his job requires lots of hours and he was never here. Probably why he doesn’t have symptoms til this day. Lucky him. But anyway, after that first day doing that, trying to clear the mites out from the window, sink, ceiling, the itching started, and pin pricks occasionally. I kept up on it even though I was itching, now the bird mites are gone, never see them anymore, but still have this crawling feeling sometimes that doesn’t seem to go away. It has definitely died down since I cut back on sugars and been taking different things like probiotics, garlic, candida support, etc. I also did this supplement called the “Total Body Cleanse” for 14 days. It all helps, but this seems to never go away completely for some reason or another. I always feel like my hairs are moving and stuff, all this tingling feeling crap. I seem to be chilled all the time, especially in the morning. Body aches, welps on my forehead, back, chest, chin bone, that usually come in twos, and most never come to a head and can last weeks. And anytime I get a bad headache and it makes me puke, I usually will puke anywhere from 5 to 7 times before I feel better, and it’s EVERYTIME I puked in the last couple years, every single time! Like I can’t puke once or twice and be done.

      I also wanted to share my two worst episodes from this thing. This happened in the beginning, before all the cutting down on junk food and taking supplements. One night I was sitting in bed indian style, like I usually do before bed, and had the covers over my legs, playing on my iPad, and all of a sudden I felt this sharp bite that hurt like hell. It sure made me jump. So like anyone would do, I instantly threw the cover back and grabbed the area I was bit. I felt something hard and it fell off onto my bed sheet. I hurried and tried grabbing it with tweezers since I had them nearby and as soon as I went to grab this thing, it slipped past the grasp of the tweezers and jumped away. I could not find the thing after that, but it was brown and cigar shaped. The other episode was even worse I think. I was sitting here one day at my computer, feeling fine as can be, and all of a sudden I feel STAB STAB STAB, like 3 or 4 times in the sole of my right foot, as if something was trying to dig in me! I hurried and took off my shoe, looked at the bottom of my sock and all I seen was a little yellow spot where I felt the stabbing. So I turned my sock inside out to investigate and all I found was this lint like thing. I burned it LOL…but I swear, I never see those things anymore that are like caraway seeds people talk about, which was the thing under my cover in the first bad episode. I’m thinking it was a springtail, but who knows.

      I have other theories also. There are a few other ways I think I could have caught whatever this is. 1). One day I was in our garden and I went to pull weeds out with my bare hands that were around some plants, and there was this spiderweb looking stuff at the bottom of most of the plants, so each time before I pulled the weeds out, I took the bottom of my lighter and crushed up the web, moving it around in the dirt, to get rid of it and scare away any spider that may have been sitting nearby, since I don’t like spiders. I think that was a big mistake with all I know now with webs and chemtrails going on. 2). The same day my roomy and his buddy removed the birds and the nest, I was out brushing our oldest dog (he says she’s 14, but I don’t believe him), and she had all this white crap coming off her, and then days later, I found a walking dandruff mite on her while she was sleeping. It was carrying a piece of dead skin. So we treated her with Frontline and I think it worked. I don’t ever see the walking dandruff mites anymore, but she is still full of all this dandruff looking stuff that flies off her in loads when she scratches. Pretty similar to how the hair on my head is doing. I can rub and rub, and what seems to be dead skin, keeps falling out. I use Head N Shoulder with Eucalyptus, but doesn’t help stop it. 3). I kill at least two or three Phorid flies or drain flies almost everyday. Could these be the culprit? 4). One day I got up in the morning, I usually stay awake, but this day I decided to go back to bed. Everything seemed normal before I went back to bed, didn’t notice anything odd, and I was here alone. When I woke back up and come out to the living room, I started noticing a fly or two flying about, so I killed them. Then a couple more came, killed them. Then more, and more, and MORE! By time I was done, since I started counting, I killed 20 flies before it stopped. Like I said, I was up that morning, didn’t see nothing, no one was here but me, meaning no one opened any doors. Weird. But what’s even weirder, it happened again, the same thing, like 2 weeks later. Killed around 20 flies before I didn’t see anymore. Could this be the culprit and where did they come from in such short time in large numbers? Luckily I haven’t seen it happen again. Well that’s about all I can think of right now.

      It is definitely here since I have the same type of stuff. So I don’t think you caught it in Hawaii. That’s why I posted, just to let you know you aren’t the only one in this state. I wish you well and hope all of us get this thing figured out so we can get rid of it for good.

  4. JOHN says:


  5. JOHN says:


  6. Cindy Hunsinger says:

    Has anyone figured out what this is? I have been suffering from this for 1.5 yrs..it doesn’t show up in blood work.. cat scans.. ultrasound.. I’m at my wit’s end with this.. I clean for hours. Daily.. shower twice daily.. they r in my clothes.. on my belongings.. furniture.. me!! Help to identify these.. I’m going to send pics in tomorrow morning to see if there is any new information..

    • Kevin Burke says:

      Have you figured this out? I’m in same situation in san Francisco. Doctor says I’m imagining this. Won’t look at the video I took with high magnification of them crawling from my leg onto my finger. Id really like to know HOW a person IMAGINES digital photography. These doctors are pathetic. And they are liars, and what ends up happening is they will do ANYTHING to protect their initial diagnosis of delusion, because to be proven wrong after over a year of denying you have a problem, would effect their status and peer rating. They are elitist, non-compassionate, and will leave you under the bus they threw you under. Don’t believe people that tell you that the doctor will always be on your side. It actually is the opposite on cases like mine. All “testing” and lab work is ordered – NOT to further investigate your issue, but to BOLSTER their initial false diagnosis. Lab orders are very specific and must come from the physician, so ANY specimens or samples you bring in basically get funneled through the lab with orders from the doctor meant to not find anything outside of a very small window of choices. It’s VERY unethical, but sadly true. I have been at loggerheads with my doctor for over a year. I am privy to all of my health records and doctors notes. They routinely lie, and slant information against you and your infestation. And like I said, they do this to protect their original diagnosis. NOTHING you say or provide by way of symptomatic updates is ever followed up on with any serious concern.

      • scott says:

        Fortunately i cracked the code to curing whatever it was that ailed me.The most definitive diagnosis can really only be done through a stool sample of the recipient.I know it sounds extreme however this is the proper way to diagnosis.My remedy was a regimen of permethrin cream head to toe twice since but the real key to this was when I was prescribed ivermectin.Its an anti parasitic medicine which subsequently years later find out it also cures CoVid-19.I had to take two rounds of it in order to clean up any surrounding particles that potentially could reinfect me.I would also recommend a product i bought on Amazon called Green Clean.Good luck!!

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