Subject: Christmas Tree bugs
Location: Mid Michigan
January 2, 2014 4:53 pm
I think I saw what looks like the bugs in my house from my Christmas tree but I could not see where it said how to get rid of them. Right now, I am only seeing the bugs around my windows, all around my windows and every window in my house including the second level in my house. The majority of them are on the window by the tree, which is a black spruce tree.
Will they go away once the tree is removed? Do they bite? I have a dog, will they attach her?
Should I dispose of my tree skirt. What is the best way to get rid of them in my house? I didn’t notice them until I had all the bulbs off the tree and put away.. Could they be on my bulbs and do I need to get them all out again? I am freaking out a little from these ugly things and need to get rid of them asap! Thank you for your help and recommendations.
Signature: Peggy

Giant Conifer Aphids

Giant Conifer Aphids

Dear Peggy,
We just posted a lengthy description of Giant Conifer Aphids, which we believe you have based on the details we are able to make out in your blurry photo.

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Location: michigan

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