Subject: A curious insect-lover
Location: South Carolina
January 1, 2014 9:15 pm
Hello Bugman (using the designation above),
I live in South Carolina, in a neighborhood that is older and has less intrusion from human beings. A wide variety of healthy and I dare say strong insects live here.
A pod has appeared, well, two of them, right in the middle of a series of spider webs on the back of the house where I live. I would like to ask your help in identifying the pod. Feel free to say it is a plant; I am terrified of spiders. Whatever cowardice I may have of spiders, I do not harm insects.
I am also including an orb weaver photograph which I thought might help, through gradual exposure, other arachnophobic people to overcome their fear of spiders. I do consider this photograph my property (I don’t have any feelings about the pod pictures), so please ask permission and give attribution if you use it. The email address is my signature; I own it. It was very hard to take the picture because my hands shook uncontrollably. This orb weaver (nor any other) is not welcome to crawl on me, but it was welcome to live near my home. Photography is how I try to get over my fear.
Signature: Arachnophobic Spider Lover

Egg Sac from a Golden Orbweaver

Egg Sac from a Golden Orbweaver

Dear Arachnophobic Spider Lover,
What you have called a “pod” is actually the Egg Sac of an Orbweaver.  You did not indicate if they were found in the web of the spider you photographed, which is a Golden Orbweaver,
Argiope aurantia.  Out of respect for your wishes, we will not publish your spider photograph since we can link to excellent images of Golden Orbweavers in our archive including a magnificent series of a female producing her egg sac.

I appreciate your response. I guess it did sound a little narcissistic asking that my little spider photo not be used because I am sure you have many professional examples. In my defense, I was just remembering how hard it was to take. They are stunning creatures, so thank you for responding. If I ever get the courage to look at the other photos, I will. I shared the link to this page. I will now wait in horror for the orb weaver pods to erupt in terrifying spiders.
Arachnophobic Spider Lover

Hi again Arachnophobic Spider Lover,
If it is any consolation, when the eggs hatch and several hundred spiderlings emerge, most will try to balloon away on the wind to ensure that the hatchlings get a wide distribution.

Location: South Carolina

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