Subject: Pilbara Beetle
Location: South Hedland, Western Australia
December 31, 2013 3:10 am
Hi, we recently had a cyclone in the Pilbara region of Western Australia and on cleaning up the debris, I found this little guy. I have found a couple of photos on the net, but the name of the beetle continues to elude me. I hope you might be able to help identify this beetle. Thanks in advance.
Signature: Thanks, Anthony

Unknown Scarab Beetle

Flower Beetle:  Eupoecila inscripta

Hi Anthony,
We thought a beautiful and distinctive beetle such as this would be much easier to identify, but alas, a species or genus is eluding us.  We believe it may be a member of the Scarab Beetle subfamily Cetoniinae, known as the Flower Beetles in Australia.  This group includes the equally dramatic and beautiful Fiddler Beetle.  Perhaps we will have more luck later or perhaps one of our readers will come to our rescue with this identification.

Update:  Eupoecila inscripta
Thanks to a comment from Jacob, we were directed to Bowerbird where there is a nice set of images of the Flower Beetle, Eupoecila inscripta, and it looks like a perfect match to this lovely Scarab.  We also found a photo on FlickR.  The Atlas of Living Australia has sightings along the northern portion of West Australia.  We have already noted the similarity to the Fiddler Beetle, and our observation has some merit since the Fiddler Beetle, Eupoecila australasiae, is in the same genus that this Flower Beetle.

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Location: South Hedland, Western Australia

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  1. Jacob H says:

    There’s a single photograph of a”Eupoecila inscripta” on the attached website that loosk very similar to the one pictured here.

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