Subject: Can you identify this orb-weaver?
Location: Barbados
December 31, 2013 5:35 pm
This spider had set up her (?) web about 2 feet from the entrance of a bee-hive and almost every time i saw it, there was a bee caught in its web. Smart eh?
Anyways, i was wondering if you can tell me an official name for it as i have seen it referred to by a couple names including “handwriting spider”, “garden spider” and (my sister’s description) “spider with a shell on its back”.
Signature: Niaz

Silver Argiope

Silver Argiope

Hi again Niaz,
When providing names for creatures, and plants for that matter, the scientific binomial is always the safest bet, and it eliminates confusion, because each named living thing should only have one scientific name.  Sometimes the same common name is used on numerous, often unrelated creatures, and often there are multiple common names used for the same creature.  This is
Argiope argentata, the Silver Argiope, but Writing Spider and Garden Spider are names commonly used for the entire genus.  You can compare your photo to this image on BugGuide.

Location: Barbados

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