Subject: Mystery bug
Location: Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
December 31, 2013 11:56 am
I dropped a box of strawberries on the floor and as I was picking them up I noticed this little guy. Not sure if he was a stow away from somewhere in California or not. I live in Saskatchewan, Canada, where currently winter is just beginning and it’s -40 Celsius with wind chill. I have never seen a bug like this around here so any ideas are much appreciated! Thanks for your time.
Signature: Jess from SK

Earwig:  Doru species

Earwig: Doru species

Hi Jess,
This Earwign appears to be in the genus
Doru, and according to BugGuide:  “Back edge of the forewings is black, with the other two thirds yellow. With wings folded this gives the appearance of a black stripe down the middle of the back.”  Though most of the sightings on BugGuide are from the south, it is indicated that these Earwigs are found in Ontario.  So, it may have been a stowaway on the strawberries, or it may have been a local species for you, though we would favor the stowaway possibility.

Location: Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

3 Responses to Earwig

  1. TC says:

    Good evening, I would like to comment on the submission from SK, Canada that while it’s possible and perhaps likely there was an earwig stowaway in your strawberries from California, I have never seen an earwig in northern CA that has the yellow on the back. I have lived in northern CA for 4 decades. Our earwigs, or “pincher bugs,” as we call them, are brown and do not have wings. They are typically found EVERYWHERE in the spring, but do seem to prefer dark, cool places. I even find them in my mail box in the mornings. I have never known one to pinch anyone, however 🙂

    • bugman says:

      Increased mobility of people and goods will cause previously unknown species to appear in new locations. Earwigs are good stowaways.

  2. Robert says:

    In all my years here in Regina, I’ve never seen an earwig, mostly I remember them from my childhood in NS, however, my coworker agrees that Ontario is the likely source.

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