Subject: aussietrev
Location: Queensland, Australia
December 30, 2013 11:13 pm
Hi guys,
All the best for the festive season and a fantastic new year. Hope you like this shot of the Blue Tiger Butterfly, seems a bit under represented on the site. They pass through my property on their migratory journey each year but it is rare to get one sitting still long enough for a shot.
Keep up the good work, till next year then,
best wishes
Signature: aussietrev

Blue Tiger Butterfly

Blue Tiger Butterfly

Hi Trevor,
Thanks for sending in your beautiful image.  We have to admit that for the past few days, we have been mostly fielding requests to identify Household Intruders and many of those images have been blurry and lacking in critical detail.  While cellular telephones allow folks to document things they encounter, the bottom line is that the quality of the images produced on the best portable communication devices pales when compared to the fine digital images that are produced with professional cameras when they are in trained artistic hands.  As the relevance of teaching photography comes under scrutiny due to budget cuts at the college level in America, we can’t help but to ponder the ubiquity of the photographic image and the importance good photographs play on successful websites.  Excellent quality images like your Blue Tiger Butterfly,
Tirumala hamata, help to make our humble website a more exciting place to visit.

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Location: Queensland, Australia

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