Subject: what’s that bug?
Location: Caracas, Venezuela
December 28, 2013 1:21 pm
Just saw this thing in my yard, it didn’t move, but it seems to be eating that leaf. Do you know what it is?
Signature: ukimalefu

Monkey Slug from Venezuela

Monkey Slug from Venezuela

Dear ukimalefu,
Your caterpillar bears such a strong resemblance to the Monkey Slug, the caterpillar of the Hag Moth,
Phobetron pithecium, that we believe it must be a close relative in the same genus, or perhaps even the same species.  See BugGuide for a matching photo, and see BugGuide‘s information page for things that might apply to a South American relative, including the fact that Monkey Slugs are stinging caterpillars and they should be handled with extreme caution.  FlickR has a photo from Venezuela that is identified as Phobetron hipparchia.

Yes, it definitely looks like the monkey slug. Thanks!

Location: Caracas, Venezuela

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  1. JLauritsen says:

    What Ecuadorian spider spits a brown liquid (I assume a mild acid) when threatened? The spider in question looked like a large huntsman, maybe 4-4.5 inches across (including legs). Very hairy. As I approached to pick it up it backed against the wall and raised then waved its front four arms at me and arched its cephalothorax making it difficult to pin it down to pick up like you would a tarantula. When I picked it up, it squirted a brown liquid on my hand, but otherwise was not aggressive.

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