Subject: Caught during fishing
Location: Brunei darussalam – river
December 12, 2013 4:09 am
Someone send me this photo, his friend caught it while fishing, i wonder what it is?
Signature: Hazwan

That's That Bug???

That’s That Bug???

Dear Hazwan,
We don’t even know where to begin to classify this thing.  We hope you are able to provide additional information.  How large was this thing?  Was it caught with a net or a fishing pole?  Are there any additional photos showing the underside?  Perhaps one of our readers can assist with this identification.  We did need to research your location, and we have learned on InfoPlease that Brunei is a small country on the north coast of Borneo.

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Location: Brunei darussalam

6 Responses to Unknown “Thing” caught while fishing in Brunei

  1. Will Holz says:

    I think that’d be family Lycidae/Genus Duliticola . . . a Trilobite Beetle. They’re pretty nifty.

  2. Jay says:

    Looks like the thing they used to control the minds of people in the Wrath Of Khan,

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