Subject: Bug identification
Location: Trinidad and Tobago
December 11, 2013 7:36 am
I am trying to identify what this insect is. I live in the Caura valley and get to view some really unusual looking insects
Signature: Frank

Black Leaf Mantis

Boxer Mantis

Dear Frank,
We spent some time this morning researching this Mantis, and we did identify it as a Black Leaf Mantis,
Pseudacanthops caelebs.  The first photo we encountered that looked like it was on FYeahMantodea, but alas, it was not identified.  The second photo we found was on FelinePress, but again, it was not identified, but the location was Peru.  We learned the name, Pseudacanthops caelebs, on Project Noah.  The last image we located was on FlickR.

Correction:  January 11, 2014
Dracus provided a comment indicating that this is an
Acanthops species.  A drawing on Web of Life and images on a UC Irvine Natural History site support that identification.  The common name Boxer Mantis is also provided.

Location: Trinidad and Tobago

3 Responses to Boxer Mantis: Acanthops species

  1. Dracus says:

    Some species of Acanthops.
    Pseudoacanthops has a noticeable spike on the haed vertex.

  2. Mark Greener says:

    Hi Frank, I was very interested to find this post as I am actually doing research on the Mantodea of T&T and I am based at UWI. I would expect that it is Acanthops parafalcata, this is a very similar species to Acanthops falcata and was actually became its own species due to a paper by (Lombardo & Ippolito, 2004) specifically in T&T. Do you come across many mantids? As I would be very interested if you were able to collect them and could get them to the Zoology Museum at UWI where I am based.

    Regards, Mark Greener

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