Subject: small insects larger than a flea but jump like fleas
Location: North DFW, TX
November 30, 2013 3:29 pm
Hello bugman,
I have scoured your site to try and find something similar to the bugs that cover my home and do their best to get inside. The closest thing I have come to in all your articles is the Springtail, however, no picture of a Springtail looks like the bugs I am having a problem with. I live in the Dallas, TX area and these bugs first appeared when it was about 85 degrees Fahrenheit outside. It has been cooling down lately with highs in the low 40’s and they’d seemed to have disappeared but today the high got just above 50 degrees and bam they are back. They are small bugs that jump, not fly. Although it appears that they have wings on their back they do not fly, they crawl rather slowly and jump from time to time. When they land, say on my arm, they may begin to crawl or may stay still but I can swat them or brush them off with little effort, they don’t even try to get out of the way, almost like they can’t see. They are also very fragile, if I try to b rush them off of a surface they just smush and smear instead of slide off the surface (including flat smooth surfaces like glass). They are small enough to fit through screens on a window but they then just seem content to chill out on the screen, not super active. They are however plentiful and when I open my sliding glass door on the back porch it seems that the breeze that occurs brings at least 5-10 in and they grab onto my clothes or the curtains or the inside of the door. I hope this helps.
Signature: Ross

Probably Leafhopper or Spittle Bug

Probably Leafhopper or Spittle Bug

Hi Ross,
We cannot make a definitive identification because of the lack of clarity and the poor quality of your photo, however, based on your description and the outline of the insect in the photo, we believe this is some type of Free Living Hemipteran, like a Leafhopper or Spittle Bug.  We have many native species, however, there are increasing numbers of invasive species that are being introduced from exotic lands, and once established, they have no natural enemies.  Many Leafhoppers and other Hemipterans are considered to be significant agricultural pests.

Location: Dallas, Texas

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