Subject: your kindness & knowledge
November 27, 2013 2:31 pm
I cannot thank you enough for your consideration, kindness & knowledge you try to pass on to people.  The insect & arachnid world is amazing!  I have passed onto my son the NECESSARY kindness to all animals.  I’ve seen him rescue praying mantis (and others)  from death by shoe, etc.  We carry our visitors outside. I’ve been known to take spider egg mass’s into jars and into a safe place for the winter.  We take pictures of them and admire them.  I’ve been viewed as “odd”; these people need to be educated and that is where you fit right in! I’ve educated many people about as much as possible without forcing it upon them.  Knowledge is power.  Besides, they are small and we are HUGE! How much of a bully are these killing, uneducated jerks anyway!  Oh, sorry… that is how we feel about it.  I have to say, there are a few I have a hard time with; cockroaches, ticks and fleas.  Blood suckers are not in my “to be kind to” list.  I’m not perfect!  Keep up the fabulous work!
Signature: PAULA

Thanks so much for your passionate comment.  We have to admit that the invasive Argentine Ant, which we have heard called a Sugar Ant, is at the top of our “take no prisoners” list.

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