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Subject: Biting bug causing allergic reaction
Location: Sydney, Australia
November 26, 2013 1:51 am
Hi there,
We live in Sydney, Australia and have just moved into a new apartment.
After an unusually warm winter, my wife and I were both bitten by some kind of bug.
Initially I thought it was fleas, as the bites were located around the ankles, elbows and stomach area.
My wife has had a severe allergic reaction, with her body itching all over and large areas of her thigs covered in spots.
I set up a basic trap (bowl of soapy water and desk lamp), but all I ’caught’ were these bugs. One looks like a fungus gnat, but unsure what the larvae are.
Can you help us?
Signature: Eddie



Hi Eddie,
These are benign Springtails, and they are not responsible for the bites you are experiencing.

Thanks Daniel,
Very much appreciated!
So the search continues – something is still biting us…

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What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Sydney, Australia

5 Responses to Springtails NOT causing bites

  1. Stephanie says:

    Hi, I have been having the same issues. Since I got some antique furnitures I’ve got bitten. It’s so ticklish but all I can find is the springtails. Did you find out what was the cause? I’m dying to know. We though bedbugs and fleas so called the pest control to spray. After it looks good but still got bitten once in a while. Please let me know. Thnx.

  2. Linda P says:

    I have a reaction to the springtails as they spring off of me. Sometimes I get a slight rash but it always itches. I’ve been fighting an infestation for over two years. We have done it all and still will have flare ups. We waterproofed the basement, cleaned the vents. We had the house treated every month! I have thrown out rugs, fuzzy blankets and all fleece clothes. I found rinsing our clothes twice cleans them off the fabric. Although they do not bite, those with allergies to insect bites still are burning and itching. It’s truly awful.

  3. sarah says:

    I just move in a new build house. and after a storm weather. springtail over my patio and garage. and after rain they gone back to soil. I do have bites as well, it is very strange that people said they dont bite. and pest control people not even know how to deal with them. I think Australia government need to do action and reseach on them to stop them borther residents home. as the Australian melbourne weather in summer is geeting damper, not like the old days. Strange year of 2017.

  4. Tested says:

    I concur with the last comment. This pest has been prevalent in last three homes. It has been very expensive to fight. No one “knows” or wants to “know” about it. Pest controller offered to refund after treating one home.. It has been like a home invasion that will not end or go away. Medical profession have no knowledge or comprehension and labelled as deranged rather than investigate problem. They were hard to identify because of lack of understanding of the prevalence of this creature’s existence in suburbia. Agriculture Dept said..shouldnt bother us. Quite the contrary. They have created havoc. Cost us virtually everything and still there. That is what they do..reduce back to the dust.

  5. tiff says:

    Ok. I am sick and tired of people saying that springtails are harmless. That is Total BS.
    I spent a year of my life, trying to figure out what type of bug was in, and around, our home. (South Carolina, USA) It almost ruined my marriage and my life. (Because of Uneducated responses, like the ones on This website, saying that springtails just Could NOT be the cause) Only to find out, there is an Infestation of springtails all around & in our home!!
    I am STILL in the midst of trying to get rid of them.. Ortho defense, diatomaceous earth, bleach, vinegar, etc. NOTHING has gotten rid of them. We have no leaks, no mold that we know of. However, these bugs get on me and it feels as though I’m being stung by a bee, or bitten by an ant, over and over again!
    Obviously, some people are Sensitive to this insect. Also, there are HUNDREDS of species, of this insect. So, How do YOU know that what I’m feeling isn’t a springtail? How do You know what these people are dealing with Definitely isn’t a springtail issue?!? You Don’t!!
    So please, Please, for the Love of human kind, STOP being SO Matter of Fact, & acting 100% SURE that springtails aren’t the issue at hand!!
    There is, sadly, nowhere Near enough research for any of us to be proven right or wrong. So stop acting like you know For Sure, or, you’re the authority, whatsthatbug.com writers. You know as well as I do there are new discoveries Every Single Day..
    (I recommend looking up Frans Janssen. Expert on springtails) If you’re having issues with what you think is springtails, Please look up the correct way to collect samples (So Super easy!) Then, Please send in samples! Or maybe even donate to the cause..
    But, to you “so called professionals” out there, especially the ones who are actually Responding to people on This website, STOP being so stinking Definitive in your answers. Just because springtails don’t bother You, or someone you know, Does NOT mean that others aren’t affected by these tiny, complicated, little monsters.
    I don’t want to be ugly, or confrontational, I truly don’t.. but this kind of junk, making people feel “crazy”, “deranged”, or “delusional” because you don’t Know what’s up, it just makes me sooo darn angry..

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