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Subject: Flax seed looking thing in bed
Location: Seattle, Wa
November 24, 2013 5:57 pm
I have found a few things that look like a flax seed on my bed the last week. I also found one beetle looking brown bug on my bed it had very short legs. Can you help me?
Signature: SMG

Plant Seed, we presume

Plant Seed, we presume

Dear SMG,
As your email indicates, this appears to be the seed of some plant, Flax or other.  It does not appear to us to be the egg of an insect.  The only insect egg we can think of that it even resembles is the egg of a Katydid, but we cannot fathom how a single Katydid Egg would find its way to your bed, so we are still leaning toward this being a plant seed.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Seattle, Washington

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  1. John says:

    I know this thread is years old but this is (i am 100% certain) something that intestinal worms produce (it may be a dead worm segment). Do not worry it’s not really dangerous, but you should go to a doctor immediately. If you have aids or your immune system is very weak intestinal worms can be deadly. Sorry

  2. Ann says:

    Was googling brown seeds, eggs, and insects because I saw something very similarto this on my bed. Then I read the original reply and realized I’m a got darned idiot and my flaxseed filled microwavable heating plush animal was on the bed and it has a small hole in it.
    Tapeworm segments are typically lighter in color.

    • Jessica Hurrell says:

      OMG I cannot thank you enough for posting this comment. I too thought i had bed bugs. I was so creeped out. I bought all new bedding (new pillows, cushions, duvet and linen), bleach washed my battress, ironed it, used a whole can of bed bug spray, bleached all of my floors! Washed my teddy. While teddy was drying downstairs and not noticing any ‘bed bugs’ for about a week i thought i had exterminated them all. Two days a go i put the teddy back on my bed and noticed the ‘bed bugs again’. So i was frantically looking online about them and stumbled across this comment. I then cut open my microwavle teddy i found the exact same ‘bed begs’. Hahaha. So youre not the only one lol! Thanks again for putting my mind at rest!

  3. Victoria Smith says:

    I found an object JUST like this on my couch the other day. After MUCH investigation and by accident almost, I found it to be the filling for my heating pad bag. It had a hole in it and these little seeds, what
    I presumed to possibly be flaxseeds, were falling out. So, mystery solved.

    • Jen munoz says:

      Your comment helped me. I kept finding these seeds on my bed and started freaking out. Once you mentioned the heating pad. I checked mine and yup a small hole and its the same seed.

    • Salma says:

      Oh my gosh you are 100% right.
      I check my heating pad and surprise surprise there was a hole and the seeds that I saw it inside it similar to this in the picture woohoo ! It was a relief because I have a fobia from insects ?

    • Mike Rylez says:

      God bless you for posting this. That’s exactly what mine was too. I was afraid some bug crawled into my house and started laying eggs everywhere. In actuality, it was my heating pad that had a hole in it and a little seeds inside of it were coming out. Thank you for this.

  4. anaclet says:


    i am enduring a lot of heath problems since the beginning of this year. I have got a colon inflammation, dyspepsia, pain in my lung and my liver. I have noticed in my stool this following elements like this black seed in this subject. I am pretty sure that they are linked to a kind of worm but I a not able to identify it. I am followed with a laboratories but they struggle to find what it is. I will be very grateful if you can help me with this issue. I put more images at the end of the post. Thanks a lot !

    White seed :

    Black Seed:

  5. Dina says:

    Wow same here but mine is linked to some type of tapeworm in which cannot be identified due to it most likely being zoonotic anyone find any answers?

  6. anaclet says:

    I am 90 % sure that’s it is a kind tapeworn unknown for most part of laboratories. I was treated by Biltricide and a long worm (20 cm) showed off 3 weeks after treatment.

  7. Ed Janeski says:

    That is a flax seed. They stuff them in bedroom slippers too. Wait till your bedroom slipper gets a hold on it and you go crazy trying to figure out why they all over the house.

    • Anaclet says:

      Yes Ed, I agree with you. Shape are the same than flax seed. Yet, in this case it is not a flax seed. It is some kind of worm which produces elements on links below.

  8. annon1212121 says:

    did anyone figure this out please

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