Subject: Am I now to evolve into one?
Location: Brisbane City Australia 4000
November 21, 2013 3:00 pm

So. Yesterday

well you see. I live in Brisbane

Anyway. I wanted a KFC chicken leg

You know Kentucky Fried with the eleven herbs etc

Well I Sat on a chair at the Transit centre eatery Roma street

Felt a sharp pain like glass

thought to myself. well. I’m sitting in a chair ,,,so I ignored it. Till!


reaching around at my but and crunch!

stood bolt upright and looked at the chair. Nothing ?

It was then I saw it move

A bug on the weave of the chair

It’s grey colour didn’t disguise it.

After I looked up

I then took some photos of it

* i’ve then called out to the clearer

She snapped up the bug with a napkin

Said sorry about that and went to walk away

• I said hey I’ll have that

She put a handout and dropped the serviette into mine

It was then I got a close-up look at the bugger as I unwrapped him. Ok and or her

Not yet dead but is now

So yes I still use still have this bug (not living)

And even now using my iphone and with a double tap on in the screen the close up images of this thing give me the creeps

Tell me

Am I now to evolve into one?


Signature: Wes

Stink Bug Nymph

Stink Bug Nymph

Dear Wes,
This is an immature Stink Bug, and we are not certain of the species, but you may search the Brisbane Insect website to determine a more specific identity for the culprit.  We are amused that your clearer snatched the critter away.  Perhaps she was worried about litigious action against KFC.  Generally, we state that Stink Bugs are harmless, but we have heard it said that “If it has a mouth, it can bite.”  Stink Bugs have mouths designed for piercing and sucking nutrients, generally from plants, but your first hand experience indicates that they might bite humans.  We did assume you were human.  Can you please clarify that.

Thanks for the info Daniel aka Bug Guy
To answer you question till this point I do receive a lot of feedback to the contrary as to my being
How ever I am alive and in the land of the living
And. I will most defiantly solider on
Guess I will let “The Bug Thing” rest for now
My bite. As you say it must be ,has healed without No marks
Took a day and a bit
But. Hey. I’m cool
Thanks again
Wes – Brisbane

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Location: Brisbane, Australia

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