Subject: bug found in Turkmenistan
Location: Turkmenistan
November 19, 2013 4:11 pm
on the street in Ashgabat I found a very strange animal, looking nearly like a fossile. But still walking along the street. I stopped and touched it with a little stick, because this little friend seemed not to have wings. And really: he showed some kind of ”alarm-colour” – and stopped.
The animal was surely about 6-7 cm and quite impressing. I helped him off the street (dangerous) and kept thinking, what bug this would have been. I hope you can help me.
All the best from Estonia
Ute Wohlrab
Signature: Ute Wohlrab

Sand Cockroach, we believe

Sand Cockroach, we believe

Dear Ute,
We believe this is some species of Sand Cockroach.  We cannot say for certain that it is the same species as the Sand Cockroach found in Egypt, but it might be.  Female Sand Cockroaches are flightless, like your individual, and males look more like familiar Cockroaches.

Dear Daniel,
thank you very much for your answer, I didn’t expect to get so early to know about my animal. If you want to add my question and the pictures to your website, please feel free to do so – as Turkmenistan is quite a “locked” country, very many reports you propably wont get from there.
Does the size fit? My one was about 6-7 cm, maybe even a bit bigger. And are they rare?
Thank you anyway for your help! I was already searching all kinds of lobsters, shrimps and other strange animals…
All the best to you from Estonia
Ute Wohlrab
PS: If I meet one again, I promise to make better pics for you!

Location: Turkmenistan

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  1. Mike says:

    Thank you for this post. One of my students here at the international school in Ashgabat found the same kind of cockroach, and we were having trouble identifying it. It is now a pet in my classroom.

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