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Subject: Weevil Thailand
Location: Khao Sok, Thailand
November 14, 2013 12:09 pm
August 2012 we did see this beetle http://observado.org/waarneming/view/73641494
in NP Khao Sok, Thailand.
I think this is Cyrtotrachelus buqueti but i’m not sure.
Can you please help to identifie this beetle?
Signature: Johan op den Dries

Giant Bamboo Weevil

Giant Bamboo Weevil

Hi Johan,
We believe you have correctly identified this as a female Giant Bamboo Weevil,
Cyrtotrachelus buqueti.  The photo on Siam Insect Zoo where it is called a Long Armed Palm Weevil is a very good match.  Males of the species have the elongated front legs.  Biodiversity in Shenzhen also has some good photos.  InsectSale.com also has a nice image.  Sinobug which has photos of the male of the species is where we first encountered the common name Giant Bamboo Weevil.

Hi Daniel,
Thanks for your support and identification.I was a big and beautiful weevil te see.
This weevil was unkown on the site observado.org. but now they added this species on the site.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Khao Sok, Thailand

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