Subject: huge brown mosquito
Location: Houston, TX
November 11, 2013 6:37 am
We ran in to a swarm of these huge brown mosquitos in Lake Houston Wilderness Park. They looked like and attacked like the usual varmints, but were maybe five times the size. A friend of ours said it’s the same type he saw in George Bush park a few days ago. What is this new-to-us creature?
Signature: Stephanie

Gallinipper, we believe

Gallinipper, we believe

Hi Stephanie,
Your photo lacks the kind of clarity needed for a definite identification, however, due to the large size, we believe this is a Gallinipper,
Psorophora ciliata, a native species reputed to have a very painful bite.  Because of the hard shadows, it appears that this photo was taken in broad daylight under sunny conditions.  It also appears the mosquito has striped legs, and for those reasons, we would not rule out that this might be an invasive Asian Tiger Mosquito.  Compare photos of the Asian Tiger Mosquito on BugGuide with those of the Gallinipper on BugGuide to try to determine which species you encountered.  Our money is still on the Gallinipper.

Yes, I believe that is the beast, thanks!  It was hard to concentrate on photography while being eaten 🙁

Location: Houston, Texas

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