Subject: Beautiful Golden Beetle
Location: Central Florida, USA
November 10, 2013 12:51 am
My aunt found this beetle while on a trip to Florida. This was found in early November north of Tampa. I’m curios to find out what it is and so is she.
Signature: Curiously, Mindy the bug lover

Golden Silk Spider

Golden Silk Spider

Dear Mindy,
While we agree that it is beautiful, and “golden” is part of its common name, this is not a beetle.  Your aunt sent you an image of a Golden Silk Spider,
Nephila clavipes, the only member of its genus found in the U.S.  Golden Silk Spiders spin exceedingly strong silk that is golden in color, and a beautiful shawl was spun from the silk of a close Asian relative of our native Golden Silk Spider.

Awesome. Thank you. Hard to tell in that photo, but on a second look I did count 8 legs!  Thanks again for such a rapid response and the info

Location: Florida

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