Subject: Asian Lady Beetles
Location: West central Indiana
October 29, 2013 7:24 pm
Yesterday, October 28th, 2013, in west central Indiana, my home was overtaken, inside and out, by Asian Lady Beetles. This is an old house, and my grandparents lived here long before I did, and they had problems with the ALBs. Now, I’m living here, and I’m having the same problem. Last year wasn’t bad at all. We only had a few that got inside, which was really surprising, since we’ve had hundreds of them find their way inside each Fall. Well, yesterday we had hundreds of them, again.
I just would like to know if there is anything we can do to attract them to somewhere in the yard, as I know you’re not into killing the bugs. I know they’re beneficial to crops, but once they come inside, they’re not so helpful! They stink to high heaven. They pinch/scratch with their little legs, when they try to get a foothold on our skin. I have been vacuuming them up, when they amass on the walls, and ceiling. I can’t open the door to let them out, because there are thousands of them outside, and they’re trying to get inside!
They will stay active, and swarming, until we get a killing frost, or a serious freeze. The ones that we don’t catch that are already inside, will stay active, until we catch them, and dispose of them. Is there anything I can do to deter these things?! I’m at my wits end with them!
Signature: Gina

Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle aggregation

Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle aggregation

Hi Gina,
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Location: Indiana

3 Responses to Asian Lady Beetles enter home

  1. They’re so darned cute and pleasant, I’d welcome the horde!

  2. Ellen says:

    We had a contractor seal our window frames and fascia boards a year ago to weather-proof, and a bonus (that I noticed several months later) is that we have fewer insect visitors inside now, especially spiders. It might be difficult to block their entry into an older home, but screens and sealant might help? Good luck!!

  3. Les says:

    These things invaded my apartment a few years ago by coming in through the air conditioning vents. My landlord cut back the grass around the air conditioning units and I’ve only seen a few since then. You could also try wrapping some screen mesh around your unit to see if that will block them out.

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