Subject: Are these Hornets?
Location: Methuen, MA
October 20, 2013 6:55 am
Hi Bugman! My 9 -year old daughter spotted this this morning, it’s larger than a football and very well made. Can you please tell me what we are dealing with here? We have three small children.
Signature: Mamacyn

Hornets Nest

Hornets Nest

Dear Mamacyn,
This is indeed a Hornets Nest, and it most likely belongs to Bald Faced Hornets.  Since it is October and the first freeze of the year is not long off, we wouldn’t advise you to take any action as the colony will die with the coming winter.  Hornets do not reuse a nest.  The mated queens will hibernate and begin building new colonies in new locations in the spring.  Hornets are generally not aggressive unless the nest is threatened, so this nest was probably active the entire summer and its inhabitants were content to cohabitate with you and your family to neither species’ detriment.

Thank you Daniel!  I will advise everyone to keep away until we know that they have abandoned the nest.  I’d love to keep it, it’s so pretty.
Thank you again!!
Take care,

Location: Methuen, Massachusetts

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